Tuesday, December 01, 2015

SMART Composting at Rewined

Last month, we joined forces with SMART (Saving Money and Reducing Trash) Recycling to bring their Composting program to Rewined's facility.

We hope to save money on our trash pickup fees, get rid of those nasty dumpsters that are kept outside, and drastically reduce the volume of our landfill contribution. Saving money AND helping the environment - can't beat that!

SMART partners with the local municipal composting facility, takes our compostable material and turns it into STA certified compost soil. Every quarter SMART buys back some of that soil and donate it to a local farm, who will in turn grow fresh produce to nourish our communities. Composting is a simple choice you can make to help close the loop on farm to table – table to farm practices.

Rewined candle crew has already diverted over 1,200 lbs of organic waste from the landfill to the compost facility!

A special "Cheers!" to candle crew members Teresa & Frankie for keeping the Composting Cart Clean and Terrance for keeping up with the small buckets!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better… at least it is in the candle world.

For so long, our candle crew has built the brand around a core group of candles, all one size, reinforcing that if you focus on one idea, one concept it will be perfected and as a result the very best quality. We proved that theory. (Check!)

So now what? Giant ones, of course. We expanded our candle line, and our candle-making theory to encompass a double-wicked, Magnum-sized version of our signature candle. Ta-da!

The Magnum candle comes in each of our seasonal fragrances during their reign, as well as our best selling core fragrances, Pinot Noir and Champagne. It contains 17 oz of all natural soy wax and two cotton wicks. The bottle is repurposed ginormous champagne bottle screenprinted on the front with the Rewined branding (designed by our friends at Stitch Design Co.) with a label detailing the fragrance, burning instructions, producer & vintage date, and finished with our iconic wax seal.

Available at various retailers and Go big or go home, cheers!

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