Monday, August 04, 2014

Show of your glass

Show of your glass and win a night out on the town, courtesy of the Rewined candle crew! 

 We don't know about your neck of the woods, but here in Charleston we're in the thick of summer and the many rainy days that come along with it! One of our favorite ways to pass the time (while the rain never stops) is to rearrange the candle shop, including our candle displays. Even if you're experiencing blissfully warm humid-free sunny days, the end of summer is the perfect time to re-style the treasures in your shop including your Rewined Candle display! Styling and restying your display is a fun and creative way to reinvigorate your inventory! 

To further fill your cup and put that pep in your restying step, we're upping the ante and declaring an official Rewined 'Show Off your Glass' display contest! As if being the reigning candle stying expert wasn't enough, we're also waving the proverbial carrot for you! If your display is chosen as the winner you will receive:  a night out on Rewined, a case of spiked cider candles and a large Rewined pallet sign!!

Here's out you can enter to win:  

1. View the Rewined style guide you received in the mail and our Pinterest board for inspiration
2. Get creative with your candle display!
3. Post your display photos to Instagram
4. Tag Rewined and #rewinedshowoffs
5. Share your photos by Aug. 15th!

The Fine Print:

- Three (3) Finalists will be chosen by the candle crew and announced Monday August 18th.
- One (1) winner will be chosen by our guest judges and friends at Stitch Design Co. and announced Tuesday August 19th.
- The winner will receive: one case (six candles) of Spiked Cider, one large Rewined pallet sign and a $250 gift card to the restaurant of the winner’s choice.
- Entries will be accepted from photos posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
- Entries sent to will be posted on your behalf
- One entry per retail location, please.


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Monday, July 28, 2014

ain't no problem


Behind the candle shop in a weathered tin building with two large, barn doors lies one of Rewined’s hidden treasures; our wood workshop.

Inside, the aroma of candles wafting from the candle shop mixes with the sharp, fresh smell of sawdust which lightly covers the floor. It is here that Frankie, Rewined’s beloved woodworker, breathes new life into old wood pallets by creating candle crates, pallet signs and the various wood elements we use to display our candles. A uniquely original touch that adds character to every candle display. We’ll thank Frankie for you and he will, undoubtedly, respond “Ain’t No Problem.”

Want to get in on more candle crew action? Grab your glass and join the fun with us here!


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