Monday, July 28, 2014

ain't no problem


Behind the candle shop in a weathered tin building with two large, barn doors lies one of Rewined’s hidden treasures; our wood workshop.

Inside, the aroma of candles wafting from the candle shop mixes with the sharp, fresh smell of sawdust which lightly covers the floor. It is here that Frankie, Rewined’s beloved woodworker, breathes new life into old wood pallets by creating candle crates, pallet signs and the various wood elements we use to display our candles. A uniquely original touch that adds character to every candle display. We’ll thank Frankie for you and he will, undoubtedly, respond “Ain’t No Problem.”

Want to get in on more candle crew action? Grab your glass and join the fun with us here!


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Friday, June 20, 2014

Rewined Rosé


An interesting question came up recently during a conversation with our boss man, Adam. “What was the first candle varietal you created while testing out ideas in your backyard and did you plan to have eight core varietals from the very beginning?”

“Don’t remember and yes” were the answers Adam gave.

From our humble beginnings in 2009 up until this year, we’ve remained true to the original vision of eight core varietals and four seasonal scents. This approach has allowed the crew to focus on extraordinary craftsmanship while increasing the amount of candles made in our shop each day. But... we never say never!

Earlier this spring we went back to the fragrance drawing board, if you will, and created an exclusive fragrance for West Elm; Rosé! We are really proud of the final product. To celebrate the collaboration, we’re sharing all the rosey details (see what we did there?) on the creation of our Rosé candle!

The crew is always looking for ways to spoil our retailers, so when we were approached by West Elm regarding a possible collaboration we seized the opportunity to partner with one of our favorite brands and show them some Rewined love! West Elm has not only been really great to the candle crew by promoting Rewined in their stores and online, but also supports local artists and makers throughout the country.

We knew we wanted a light, fresh varietal with a sophisticated finish and Rosé immediately came to mind. After a lot of testing and iterations the final fragrance features bright aromas of lush red fruit balanced by a sophisticated floral undertone. Notes of rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn and crisp minerality harmonize together to complete this balanced, easy-to-sip varietal! Hmm, makes us want to sip a glass right now!

To match the light and fresh aroma, clear glass bottles (still cut by hand in the candle shop) were used instead of Rewined’s signature dark green bottles. Researching the perfect color combinations for the candle labels was a really fun aspect of the design process since we wanted the colors to remain true to the Rewined brand while also evoking a sense of the West Elm design aesthetic.

Ultimately we landed on a color story of light cream, gray and wood texture, starting with the traditional kraft label and black logo which were swapped for a creamy background and gray logo. Custom silvery gray wax seals were chosen as an additional visual layer for highlighting this special varietal. To balance out the airy feel of the cream labels, we punched up the color on our beloved vintage labels by using dark gray behind the creamy basket weave pattern and silver ink for the candle maker’s initials and date. For added interest, the traditional wood topper provides a backdrop for another splash of gray on the additional, smaller disc topper with West Elm’s logo.

We’re thrilled with the end result! The entire crew was able to stretch our creative legs (something we LOVE doing!) while showing our appreciation through a fun collaboration with a great brand. If you happen to grab one for yourself, make sure to tell our friends at West Elm that the candle crew sent you! We hope you enjoy burning the candle as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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