A Visit to Spade & Clover Gardens

A Visit to Spade & Clover Gardens


As a company that values sustainable practices and supporting local businesses, we recently had the pleasure of visiting Spade and Clover, a farm located on Johns Island, South Carolina. The farm's commitment to sustainable agriculture and its dedication to providing fresh, nutritious produce to the local community inspired us to learn more about their story.

Spade and Clover's commitment to sustainable agriculture began in 2013 when the farm was established through the Dirtworks Incubator Program, supported by Lowcountry Local First. Since then, the farm has grown to five acres and has become a supplier to many local Charleston restaurants. In addition, the farm provides fresh, nutritious produce to city residents through its CSA program. We were thrilled to get in on these weekly CSA deliveries!



Spade and Clover's focus on cultivating crops that thrive in the local climate is a testament to their dedication to sustainable agriculture. From common vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers to more exotic produce like turmeric, ginger, and galangal, the farm relies on the environment to dictate what they grow. Some of our recent crops we've received include Chioggia beets, seaside spinach, hakurei turnips, and French breakfast radish. 


During our visit, we were impressed with the farm's commitment to sustainable practices and its passion for providing fresh, healthy produce to the local community. The farm's attention to detail and dedication to sustainable practices is an inspiration to anyone interested in supporting local agriculture.



At Rewined, we believe that food and wine are more than just sustenance; they are experiences that can be enriched through knowledge and appreciation. That's why we encourage our employees to explore new flavors and ingredients, especially those that come from local farms like Spade and Clover. By incorporating fresh, locally-sourced produce into our meals and sharing our experiences with our team members, we hope to inspire a greater appreciation for the quality and flavor of these ingredients. We believe that by educating ourselves and each other, we can better understand the value of sustainable agriculture and the importance of supporting local businesses. Through our CSA deliveries and our efforts to educate and inspire our team members, we hope to create a culture of appreciation and respect for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. 


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