The Story of Rewined Wine: A Journey Through Partnerships & Passion

The Story of Rewined Wine: A Journey Through Partnerships & Passion

At the heart of our ethos is the belief that every partnership has a story, a unique blend of history, passion, and craftsmanship. We collaborate with individuals who are not just producers but are custodians of tradition and innovation. Take, for instance, Patrick Cappiello, the virtuoso behind Monte Rio Cellars. Patrick's transition from the prestigious dining rooms of New York City to the rustic charm of Sonoma County speaks volumes of his dedication to the craft of winemaking. His story is one of passion, evolving from an acclaimed sommelier to a visionary winemaker, always in pursuit of creating wines that resonate with the connoisseur's palate. His accolades, ranging from "Sommelier of the Year" to "Wine Person of the Year," are a testament to his expertise and his unique approach to winemaking, one that is informed by a deep respect for tradition coupled with a keen eye for innovation.


We envision Rewined as a platform for exploration, a space where the narrative of food, wine, travel, and fragrance unfolds in the most engaging and educational ways. To practice what we preach, our team ventured out West to the very heart of where our wine begins its journey to the bottle. Guided by Patrick and his assistant wine-maker Jesus, we traversed the sprawling vineyards and stepped into the winery that serves as the birthplace of our cherished Rewined selections.


Our trip was more than just a visit; it was an immersion into the essence of winemaking, where every vine, barrel, and grape told a story. Patrick, with his deep-rooted passion and unparalleled expertise, illuminated every step of the process, bridging the gap between the art and science of winemaking. This experience not only strengthened our team's bond but deepened our connection to the craft, infusing our work with newfound inspiration and respect for the meticulous journey from vine to wine.



To us, it’s about appreciating the craftsmanship, the history, and the culture that make each experience memorable. We invite our audience to explore with us, to discover the stories behind the great food and wine that we cherish, and to celebrate the artisans, like Patrick Cappiello, who bring these stories to life.

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