Cocktails at Post House

Cocktails at Post House

Here at Rewined, our philosophy is simple - find the celebration and beautiful ritual in all things. To us, this means staying open to the beauty and possibility in wine, delicious food, nature, and the extraordinary places that surround us. We’re excited to start sharing with you some of the magic that lies in the place we call home – Charleston, SC. And no place better encapsulates the charm of the area than the Post House Inn located in Old Village, Mount Pleasant.



The Post House is an office favorite for delicious, well-deserved dinners after extra long weeks and celebrating milestones. The cozy, intimate atmosphere and unique, seasonal menu truly allows us to unwind and take a chance to stop and revel in our senses. You can’t go wrong with the Anson Mills cornbread, crisp salads, local fish, and of course, their Backbar Cheeseburger.



On our most recent visit, Lane Becker of Post House whipped up two delicious cocktails perfect for the season. First, the Poinsettia cocktail – as requested by our team in honor of one of our favorite holiday fragrances. Followed by a Banana Irish Coffee, which was exactly what we needed as the temperature (slowly) drops in Charleston. As always, these libations warmed our hearts and awakened our taste buds. Find both recipes below, and be sure to plan your next visit to the Post House in Mount Pleasant, SC. 



1oz Campari

1/2oz strawberry shrub

10da black pepper tincture

1.5oz club soda

2.5oz lambrusco (we like Cleto Chiarli Vecchia Modena)

Add all ingredients to a wine glass with lots of ice. Stir. Garnish with a lemon peel, an orange wedge, and an olive. 


For the strawberry shrub:

250g cleaned, hulled strawberries or frozen strawberry puree 

150g sugar

2ea lemon twists

1bunch basil or rosemary or any combination of delicious fresh herbs you have around

90g verjus

Add all ingredients to a container. Muddle until the sugar is dissolved. Let sit refrigerated overnight and strain through a sieve. 


For the black pepper tincture:

20g black peppercorns

80g campari

Crack the peppercorns in a mortar and pestle and toast in a skillet, stirring constantly, until very fragrant. Dump them, while they’re still hot, into the campari. Cover and let sit overnight and strain through a coffee filter. 


Easier version:

1oz campari

1oz club soda

3oz lambrusco

Add all ingredients to a wine glass with lots of ice. Stir. Garnish with a lemon peel, an orange wedge, and an olive.



Banana Irish Coffee

1.5oz irish whiskey

1/2oz cinnamon syrup

5oz hot fresh coffee

3oz heavy cream

1/4oz banana liqueur (we like Tempus Fugit Creme de Banane)

Whip the cream and banana liqueur using your preferred method, but not too much. The goal is to make the cream light and fluffy but still totally pourable. No peaks. 

Heat your favorite clear tempered glass with hot water. Dump the water out and add the whiskey, syrup, and coffee. Top with cream.


For the cinnamon syrup:

400g sugar of your choice (we like a blend of white and brown)

400g water

3 cinnamon sticks, broken

Vanilla extract if you’ve got it. 

Heat everything on the stove until boiling, then cut the heat and cover. Let cool and strain. Add a splash of the vanilla extract.

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