Feast For The Senses

Feast For The Senses

It’s been a little over a week since our “Feast for the Senses” event at The Tippling House in downtown Charleston and we are still reveling in the magic of the night. The event was designed to celebrate Rewined’s new “state of mind” focusing on the food we eat, the wine we drink, and the time we have together. Additionally, we proudly unveiled the official Rewined Rosé which received rave reviews from our guests. This gathering also served as an excellent platform to forge and reinforce bonds with industry collaborators and influential figures in the world of food and wine.




The event was a sensory journey, featuring a signature wine collection, an aperitif-style menu, and a series of rooms that immersed guests in the world of the brand. The catering and event design were orchestrated by The Drifter, while the expertise of Rewined's "In-House Sommelier", Matthew Conway, guided guests through an unforgettable wine tasting experience of the brand's signature collection. Conway masterfully weaved the theme of fragrance throughout the evening, imparting insights on how wine aromas complemented the food, and how certain wine and food pairings enhanced the overall olfactory experience.


The food was equally impressive, with a menu that showcased the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. The Riesling was paired with Citrus Carpaccio, Castelvetrano Olives, Pistachio Caramel, and Breakfast Radish. The Chardonnay was paired with English Pea, Preserved Lemon, Whipped Ricotta on Crostini. The Pinot Noir was paired with Steak Tartare, Mimolette, Taum, and Focaccia Soldiers, while the Cabernet was paired with Albondigas, Romesco, and Shaved Manchego.


The event had an open-door policy that welcomed guests to come and go as they pleased, creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance that encouraged guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The overall effect was a memorable and immersive event that seamlessly aligned with the brand's core values and vision. We look forward to hosting more inspiring and enlightening events in the future, building on the success of this unforgettable gathering.

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