Sommelier Celebration at Vern's

Sommelier Celebration at Vern's

We recently had the pleasure of launching our Sommelier Series Wine Collection at the charming Vern's restaurant in the heart of Charleston. Owned by the featured sommelier, Bethany Heinze, Vern's provided the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with exquisite wine, delectable food pairings, and our innovative collection of candles.


The Sommelier Series Wine Collection is not merely a set of candles; it's a symphony of stories, expertise, and passion for the world of wine. The idea for this series was born from a desire to delve deeper into the wine world, engaging directly with the best sommeliers. We aimed to give these wine experts a platform to tell their stories and share their passions, thereby creating more than just candles but a narrative medium that tells the unique and personal stories from the wine world.

As Rewined underwent a rebranding focused on storytelling about the things we love—wine, food, travel—through fragrance, the timing was perfect for the Sommelier Series. This collection is aimed at wine enthusiasts and collectors, offering them a new and innovative way to enjoy their passion for wine. Each candle in the collection is not just a fragrance but a story, a piece of the sommelier's journey and passion. We delved into their world, learning about their journeys, experiences, and the deep passion they hold for their chosen varietals. This process was as enriching for us as it was for the collection, building relationships and understanding their unique perspectives on wine.



The resulting scents are not merely reflections of preferred wines but narratives of the sommeliers' personal stories and the intricate world of wine they inhabit. This depth enriches both the collection and our appreciation for the art of winemaking and sommelier expertise. The tasting notes and scents for each candle were determined through a collaborative process with the sommeliers. Their keen expertise in the nuances of wine aromas played a crucial role in identifying key fragrance notes. These notes were then meticulously translated into their final scents by our team of perfumers, ensuring a faithful and evocative representation of each wine varietal.



Nestled in the scenic locale of Charleston, Vern's, owned by sommelier Bethany Heinze, provided an intimate and elegant setting for our event. The restaurant's ambiance resonated with the luxurious and artisanal spirit of our candle collection, making it the ideal venue for our launch.

From the vibrant Orange Wine paired with Bethany's fresh sea offerings to the robust flavors of Eduardo's Gamay with Charred Sourdough and Wagyu skewers, each pairing was a celebration of flavor and aroma. David Rosoff's Nebbiolo found its match with the rich taste of Rabbit Campanelli, while Matthew Conway's Syrah perfectly complemented the Porchetta with Black Truffle Jus and Grilled Radicchio. Each dish and candle pairing was a testament to the innovation and creativity at the heart of the Sommelier Series.



The Sommelier Series is a testament to collaboration, passion, and storytelling. It represents a unique confluence of the art of winemaking and fragrance crafting. As we celebrate the launch of this exclusive collection, we invite wine enthusiasts and collectors to experience the art and science of wine in a new and innovative way, through a collection that embodies the spirit and stories of those who understand wine best—the sommeliers.

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