The Wine Tasting Experience We Fell For

The Wine Tasting Experience We Fell For

You don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the experience of wine tasting. Tastings can be entertaining and even eye-opening to those still developing their palate. Often, tastings are led by a professional, someone to guide you and help form your impression: tart, jammy, full-bodied, etc…


But you can host a successful tasting without an expert!


 You’ll need three different wines—and there is no need to overthink these selections. They can be all white or all red and from anywhere in the world at any price point. The only thing you’ll want to avoid is three wines that are very similar, for example,  having all California Chardonnay. If you’re going to go with all-white wines, mix it up—maybe a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier. Some of our favorite and enlightening tastings have included a white, a rosé, and a red. 


Now it’s time to start prepping.


Set three glasses for each person attending along with a lemon, some bacon, and a jar of green bar olives (you know, the ones that come with a dirty martini). Cook off the bacon then break it into dime-size pieces. Cut the bar olives in half and supreme the lemons. Set the table with water and put the olives, lemon, and bacon in the middle of the table and start pouring! It’s also worth noting that a spit bucket can be nice, however, sometimes a little buzz can get the party started and conversations flowing. 


Now it’s time for the fun part, tasting.


Taste all the wines with each ingredient separately—that is nine different combinations. Each wine will play differently when tasted with acid (lemon), fat (bacon), and salt (olive). Let the experience do the talking and listen to what your palette is telling you. The red wine and lemon might not taste so good… but with the bacon, it may be magic. It’s very rare for a wine to go well with all three ingredients. When it comes to preference, there is no right or wrong answer but a general consensus is bound to develop. Be open-minded and don’t rush the process—soon the excitement will take over and everyone's tastes will be enhanced.


Happy tasting!

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